Three Ways to Rent a Car Without a Credit Card

Many consumers have at least once experience in their lives that require a car rental. A huge family vacation, a last-minute business trip or an emergency family vehicle repair may be the cause of one’s interest in securing a vehicle. Finding an appropriate car hire may be difficult because a majority of major car rental companies require a credit card. What happens if a consumer simply does not own a credit card, however. Is there a way to obtain a vehicle rental without a MasterCard or Visa? The answer is yes, but it may take some investigation or humility.

Asking a Relative, Spouse or Employer

A consumer may want to humble up and ask a relative or employer to obtain a rental car. Getting someone who has a credit card to reserve the vehicle is certainly the easiest way to go about getting it done. The person just has to trust the driver enough to feel confident that he or she will not get into an accident. The person who rents the car will most likely have to add the other person as a driver, as well. That may cost extra, but sometimes extra is necessary.

Debit Cards and Car Rentals

Some car rental providers allow their customers to rent cars with debit cards rather than credit cards. What they do is place a hold on a certain amount of money to cover themselves in case the consumer gets into an accident. The hold protects the car hire Sydney company and ensures that they will have access to a certain amount should anything happen to the car. The hold may be for a set amount like CAD$250, or it may be the total of one week’s rental plus a base amount. The consumer should ask at least three providers for their details before securing a rental.

Finding a Cash-Deposit Provider

Very few car rental companies allow their customers to perform cash deposits, but some do. Finding a provider like this may be like searching for a needle in a haystack, but it is quite possible. The cash deposit seems even more secure than a card deposit does, but for some reason, many rental companies don’t bother with it. It works the same way the other deposit works but with cash. The provider uses the same methodology to calculate the deposit amount. The consumer gets the deposit back when the provider examines the vehicle upon return.

An interested customer can search for rental car companies using many methods. Yellow Pages, search engine searches, classified ads and word of mouth are legitimate ways to find a rental car for one’s needs. Eventually, the consumer will fall upon an amazing deal.

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