How to Manage Car Hire Expenses

While travelers may spend much time and effort trying to save money on airfare and hotel for their upcoming travel plans, little spend as much time and effort looking for savings with car hire expenses. Rental car fees are usually tallied by the day, and how heavily you use the vehicle can also impact expenses. Between these two factors, many travelers are unfortunately surprised by how much their total car hire Sydney service costs at the end of their trip. While this is a common occurrence, you can take steps to better manage rental car expenses and avoid unexpected expenses by following these steps.

Reserve and Affordable Model
The type of vehicle you reserve is one of the most significant factors that will influence your cost of service. This is because the vehicle that you rent will impact the daily rate as well as the fuel costs while operating the vehicle. By choosing the smallest and most fuel-efficient type of vehicle possible, you can better contain costs. For example, unless you have a need for extra passenger seating or cargo space, choose a more affordable sedan or compact car rather than an SUV.

Monitor Your Use of the Vehicle
The distance you travel in the rented vehicle will impact your expenses in several ways. First, you are responsible for the fuel you use. Many car hire Sydney agencies track the level of the fuel tank when you picked up the car, and they require you to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel in it. If not, you will pay a premium rate for the difference. Second, many agencies limit your usage of the vehicle, and if you travel beyond the stated distance, you will be charged an extra fee. You can avoid paying these fees by monitoring your usage of the vehicle.

Fill Up the Tank Before You Return the Vehicle
Before you return your rental car, stop by the gas station to fill up the tank. You do not necessarily need to fill up the tank. Instead, look at your rental documents. The documents typically indicate the level the fuel tank was at when you picked up the vehicle. You only need to fill the tank up to this level. Keep in mind that most car rental agencies charge a surcharge in fuel if you fail to fill up the tank before returning the vehicle.

You understandably want to keep car hire expenses as low as possible. As you can see, there are many factors that you have complete control over that can influence your expenses. Pay attention to these factors before and during your next trip for the most affordable rental experience possible.

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