• How to Manage Car Hire Expenses

    While travelers may spend much time and effort trying to save money on airfare and hotel for their upcoming travel plans, little spend as much time and effort looking for savings with car hire Sydney expenses. Rental car fees are usually tallied by the day, and how heavily you use the vehicle can also impact expenses. Between these two factors, many travelers are unfortunately surprised by how much their total car hire service costs at the end of their trip. While this is a common occurrence, you can take steps to better manage rental car expenses and avoid unexpected expenses by following these steps. Read More

  • Renting a Car With no Credit Card

    Securing a car hire for a business trip or a vacation is just a smart thing to do for many reasons. For one, it relieves the family vehicle of the stress that vacationing sometimes puts on the motor. Secondly, you get to experience that “new car” smell and spend a few days in something different. Changing the scenery is always good, even in the car. Many car hire Sydney companies are now refusing to rent vehicles to people who do not have credit cards. That’s a serious problem because not all Canadian citizens own a credit card. If you are part of the “no credit card” class, you can try these alternatives to secure a car hire: Read More

  • The Convenience of Renting Cars at Airport Locations

    Renting a car is an excellent option for individuals who are planning long distance trips. Vehicle rental prices are pretty reasonable, and they will only rise significantly if you decide to get a luxury model. If all you desire is a standard vehicle with the basics, you can reserve one from any rental establishment in your area. However, the process of reserving and renting a vehicle is far easier if you do it from an airport location. This is a fair assessment, but it is not always true because most Car hire Sydney vendors in airports offer competitive prices. Read More

  • Three Ways to Rent a Car Without a Credit Card

    Many consumers have at least once experience in their lives that require a car rental. A huge family vacation, a last-minute business trip or an emergency family vehicle repair may be the cause of one’s interest in securing a vehicle. Finding an appropriate car hire Sydney may be difficult because a majority of major car rental companies require a credit card. What happens if a consumer simply does not own a credit card, however. Is there a way to obtain a vehicle rental without a MasterCard or Visa? The answer is yes, but it may take some investigation or humility. Read More